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    I will put in my .02. Simon, you are on the right track with the Bote boards for carrying capacity. I think you are going to need a board that can support 300 pounds+ and still be stable in mixed conditions. Many boards can hold a lot of weight, but won’t handle well with a load when you are in rough water. Keep looking into boards rated for carrying a large load that are designed for larger paddlers and expedition paddling in mind.

    I don’t think the Starboard Elite touring has nearly enough volume for a 220 pounder with a big load of gear. The new 14 X 30 Starboard Expedition has well over 300 litres of volume with multiple tie down points and a storage compartment. Also research boards like the 14 X 30 Great Bear by Boardworks, 14 X 31 Tahoe Tallac, Lakeshore Paddleboard Company 14 x 31 River Rover, Amundson TRT 14 X 29.5/30, and the Naish Glide 14 X 30. All of the boards I listed have attachment points front and back except for the Naish Glide, but you can buy aftermarket attachments easy enough. If you are still considering a 12’6″, then the Jimmy Lewis searcher 12’6″ x 33.5 and 350 litres is a possibility.

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