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    Hi Prairie. The answer is yes, it will give you at least 80% of the performance for surfing if a)you get the right specs and b)you’re not more than an ‘intermediate’ surfer. For an inflatable surfing model you’ll get the best performance from a 4″ +/- thickness – NOT 6″. The 6″ boards don’t turn that well in surf. But at 4″ most boards aren’t stiff enough to be good in the surf, so you’ll probably want a surf-specific board with a batten or stiffening system. Also, depending on the previous specs, 18 psi may not be enough pressure for surfing-rigidity, so get something that pumps up to 25 psi, even if you only ride it at 20 psi. Higher psi boards are better quality than lower psi boards.
    Red Paddle Co makes a lineup of boards that will work for you and they were the first high-pressure boards on the market, though others are now starting to catch up. They also make a surf-specific inflatable, but check the weight rating to make sure it’s ok for your weight. We carry them at Beach Toyz in Toronto, but they’re now easy to find across Canada and I think in Calgary.

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