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    Hey guys, I am just looking for a bit of info on sup racing specifically paddling. I would love to hear form the guys around my age.
    I am 39 and absolutely love paddling, racing, training etc.
    while out paddling the other day I noticed my shoulders were super tight and it got me thinking that this is probably the most injured, tweaked place sup athletes and especially middle aged athlete feel.
    My question is:
    Are you experiencing an shoulder pains, soreness etc?
    Is this the area that is affected the most paddling?

    It seems to me that the shoulders come under the most force and pressure but I would love to hear what others are experiencing and let me know if there are other areas affected more

    Thanks so much

    Paddle Surf


    When first starting almost ten years ago I had some general shoulder soreness, which I blamed on far too big a paddle blade. Scaled it down and the issues went away.

    I also got really bad tennis elbow from gripping the paddle far too tight for a few years… Finally figured it was due to gripping the paddle far too tight, and after some weaning myself off that bad habit, things have been fine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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