2015 Vancouver SUP Challenge Results are up

Another great race day put on by Gary Parsons and his team with the fifth instalment of the Vancouver SUP Challenge.

This year was highlighted with the attendance of Travis Grant, one of the World’s fastest paddlers and recent winner of the Molokai to Oahu SUP race.  Travis conducted an incredibly informative paddle/race clinic in the morning. First hour was indoors, away from the gusty winds and threats of rain, with the second hour being held on the water, with Travis providing in-depth feedback and opinion on all the padders’ strokes and technique.

Then from there, the avalanche of events commenced… 5km distance, 2 km recreational and kids, 3 km short course, sprints, relays and more.  As expected, Travis Grant took the win on the mens’ side of things, and Shannon Bell handily took the women’s side of things.

A truly awesome day that will have everyone in attendance feverishly looking forward to next year’s edition!

Check out the complete results below

5 km Distance Race

PlaceBibRacer nameAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
12Travis GrantM37:35.4
261Matthew Abbott28M39:28.7+1:53.3
310Stu Robinson35M40:12.4+2:37.0
427Ken Larsen35M40:17.1+2:41.7
58Mike Darbyshire28M40:49.7+3:14.3
69Gary Parsons55M41:25.9+3:50.5
740Ben Wright35M41:41.6+4:06.2
864James Thesiger34M42:27.6+4:52.2
959David Jianu44M42:30.2+4:54.8
1093Beau Whitehead46M42:30.5+4:55.1
1165Jason Bennett29M43:05.0+5:29.6
1250Jeff Fink47M43:20.6+5:45.2
1363Rob Hansen53M43:23.3+5:47.9
1368Marco Procopio31M43:23.3+5:47.9
1538Kelvin Humenny47M43:59.0+6:23.6
163Geordie Goodman27M44:01.3+6:25.9
171Shannon BellF44:10.6+6:35.2
184Paul Torriero48M44:23.2+6:47.8
1947Doug Thomas48M44:25.0+6:49.6
2058David Peabody25M44:37.2+7:01.8
2179Mike Hammer53M44:37.3+7:01.9
2225Jeff Chandler37M44:48.8+7:13.4
2335Evan Gerbrecht15M44:54.1+7:18.7
2467Tim Quarles56M45:05.7+7:30.3
2562Harry Saini41M45:12.9+7:37.5
2615Scott Burton39M45:30.1+7:54.7
2755Peter Allen31M45:49.9+8:14.5
2824Liam Cursley15M45:56.7+8:21.3
2933David Smart47M46:10.5+8:35.1
3014Mike Clarke46M46:27.2+8:51.8
3154Gage Bergez18M46:38.1+9:02.7
327Sacha Levandusky35M46:49.0+9:13.6
3278Dale Plant51M46:49.0+9:13.6
3469Adam Schell37M46:51.7+9:16.3
3532Jon Little47M47:50.2+10:14.8
3631Chris Spotzl39M48:50.3+11:14.9
3770Brian Smart48M48:56.7+11:21.3
3828Rupert Wong52M49:08.2+11:32.8
3974Ian Green51M49:20.6+11:45.2
4043Melvin Palmiano40M49:51.3+12:15.9
4119Alex Vaughan38M50:34.5+12:59.1
4266Carmen Merkel31F51:04.2+13:28.8
4345Niles Hayes39M53:39.9+16:04.5
4460Dan Plante37M54:42.7+17:07.3
4573Jennifer Lawson34F55:16.2+17:40.8
4617Kathleen Mccormick47F55:32.3+17:56.9
4742Taylor Fulde43M57:49.2+20:13.8
4757Chris Grieve45M57:49.2+20:13.8
4922Scott Thomas40M57:57.0+20:21.6
5056Graham Gee41M58:52.7+21:17.3
5151Jenny Poppitt37F59:18.7+21:43.3
5244Shona Thomas51F1:01:05.0+23:29.6
5326Jake Filush46M1:02:26.3+24:50.9
5453Bob Purdy62M1:02:31.2+24:55.8
5518Sydney Delacruz28F1:03:34.4+25:59.0

2 km Recreational & Youth Race

2km Recreational and Youth (Under 16) Race
1Adam GerbrechtYouth – Male1Paul McNamara
2Paul McNamaraMen2Rob Monterio
3Rob MonterioMen3Ashley James
4Ashley JamesMen4Ron Garza
5Kyler GarzaYouth – Male5Bob Purdy
6Owen WrightYouth – Male6Chico Autio
7Robin CraigYouth – Female7Simon Walter
8Sam Fitz-JamesYouth – Male
9Emma WongYouth – FemaleWomen
10Ron GarzaMenPlaceName
11Bob PurdyMen1Sarah Sjovold
12Sarah SjovoldWomen2Estelle Matheson
13Kealin SacreYouth – Female3Darby Ponich
14Ocean Bell ParsonsYouth – Male4Leah Messier
15Sage HeyerYouth – Female5Shawna Thomas
16Estelle MathesonWomen
17Heather O’DonnellYouth – FemaleYouth – Male
18Jacob ThomasYouth – Male1Adam Gerbrecht
19Darby PonichWomen2Kyler Garza
20Chico AutioMen3Owen Wright
21Simon WalterMen4Sam Fitz-James
22Joe WrightYouth – Male5Ocean Bell Parsons
23Shawna ThomasWomen6Jacob Thomas
24Leah MessierWomen7Joe Wright
Youth – Female
1Robin Craig
2Emma Wong
3Kealin Sacre
4Sage Heyer
5Heather O’Donnell

3 km

PlaceBibRacer nameAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
12Travis GrantM25:48.3
261Matthew Abbott28M27:03.1+1:14.8
327Ken Larsen35M27:16.3+1:28.0
465Jason Bennett29M27:24.7+1:36.4
58Mike Darbyshire28M27:53.5+2:05.2
693Beau Whitehead46M28:37.8+2:49.5
738Kelvin Humenny47M28:49.1+3:00.8
850Jeff Fink47M29:40.5+3:52.2
93Geordie Goodman27M29:42.0+3:53.7
101Shannon BellF29:59.0+4:10.7
1167Tim Quarles56M30:02.0+4:13.7
1258David Peabody25M30:28.9+4:40.6
1354Gage Bergez18M30:45.7+4:57.4
1462Harry Saini41M30:57.3+5:09.0
1514Mike Clarke46M31:20.7+5:32.4
1679Mike Hammer53M31:27.5+5:39.2
1725Jeff Chandler37M31:33.4+5:45.1
1847Doug Thomas48M31:37.0+5:48.7
1978Dale Plant51M31:41.4+5:53.1
2033David Smart47M31:42.7+5:54.4
2128Rupert Wong46M32:12.1+6:23.8
2255Peter Allen31M32:29.0+6:40.7
2332Jon Little47M32:47.2+6:58.9
2443Melvin Palmiano40M33:09.0+7:20.7
2534Adam Gerbrecht13M33:12.7+7:24.4
2697Ben Land38M33:50.7+8:02.4
2775Holly Newcombe37F34:48.5+9:00.2
2830Kyler Garza13M35:03.0+9:14.7
2966Carmen Merkel31F35:11.3+9:23.0
3022Scott Thomas40M35:42.8+9:54.5
3157Chris Grieve45M36:08.9+10:20.6
3236Owen Wright11M36:15.0+10:26.7
3312Mia Wheatley-Maltais14F36:25.7+10:37.4
3476Riley Harris15M36:38.4+10:50.1
3511Sam Fitz-Simmons12M37:10.7+11:22.4
3623Emma Wong12F37:21.1+11:32.8
3773Jennifer Lawson34F37:33.2+11:44.9
3856Graham Gee41M37:44.9+11:56.6
3995Susie Inkpen33F39:10.8+13:22.5
4039Sarah Wright35F40:49.2+15:00.9
4146Jen Hayes38F41:01.5+15:13.2
4213Sage Heyer12F42:19.6+16:31.3

Sprint Races

Men – Heats
Heat 1 **Heat 2 **
1Gary Parson91Travis Grant2
2Matthew Abbott612Mike Darbyshire8
3Beau Whitehead932Stu Robinson10
4Ben Wright404Dan Gavere
5Evan Gerbrecht355Ken Larsen27
6Geordie Goodman36Jason Bennett65
7Gage Bergez547Kelvin Humenny38
8David Peabody588Melvin Palmiano43
9Scott Thomas229David Smart33
10Dale Plant7810Tim Quarles67
11Adam Schell6911Liam Cursley24
12Michael Hammer7912Mike Clarke14
13Adam Gerbrecht3413Peter Allen55
14Jon Little3214Doug Thomas47
15Kyler Garza3015Harry Saini62
16Owen Wright3616Chris Spotzl31
17Sam Fitz-James1117Riley Harris76
** Top eight finishers move on to the Final.
Sprint RacesSprint Races
1Travis Grant217Harry Saini62
2Stu Robinson1018Tim Quarles67
3Mike Darbyshire819David Smart33
4Matthew Abbott6120Peter Allen55
5Gary Parson921Liam Cursley24
6Jason Bennett6522(missed paddler)
7Ben Wright4023Doug Thomas47
8Dan Gavere24Jon Little32
9Ken Larsen2725Dale Plant78
10Geordie Goodman326Michael Hammer79
11Evan Gerbrecht3527Kyler Garza30
12Gage Bergez5428Owen Wright36
13David Peabody5829Sam Fitz-James11
14Melvin Palmiano43
15Kelvin Humenny38
16Beau Whitehead93
Sprint Races
Women – FINAL
1Shannon Bell14:10.62
2Mia Wheatley-Maltais124:38.35
3Isabelle Humenny4:43.32
4Holly Newcombe754:45.99
5Carmen Merkel604:48.41
6Kealin Sacre864:55.29
7Susie Inkpen9557:36.00
8Sarah Sjovold485:17.72
9Sarah Wright395:52.01

Kids’ Race

1Ocean Bell ParsonBoys9:20.859
2Jacob ThomasBoys9:33.629
3Joe WrightBoys10:25.178
4Sky Bell ParsonBoys11:21.797
4Teagan SacreGirls11:21.7911
6Skye HigginsGirls11:30.0612
7Sapphire AngeliGirls13:28.7810
8Yannick MorgansBoys15:31.859
9Joanne WrightGirls16:57.437
10Avery HayesGirls17:17.476
11Mykah SainiBoys19:43.106
1Ocean Bell Parson9:20.85
2Jacob Thomas9:33.62
3Joe Wright10:25.17
4Sky Bell Parson11:21.79
5Yannick Morgans15:31.85
6Mykah Saini19:43.10
1Teagan Sacre11:21.79
2Skye Higgins11:30.06
3Sapphire Angeli13:28.78
4Joanne Wright16:57.43
5Avery Hayes17:17.47

Relay Races

Mixed Relay – all ages* our apologies – some teams
were missed at the finish line
PlaceTeam NameTeam Members
Liam Cursley
1Ocean Racing AcademyStu Robinson
Mia Wheatley-Maltais
Adam Gerbrecht
2Orange Camo BabesKyler Garza
(tied)Evan Gerbrecht
Mike Darbyshire
2Mike, Owen, DavidOwen Wright
David Peabody
4Bad Mother SUP’ersDoug Thomas
Peter Allen
Kelvin Humenny
5WaveIsabelle Humenny
Ken Larsen
6Ken, Holly, JamesHolly Newcombe
James Thesiger
7Dan, Declan, KeallinDeclan
Kealin Sacre
Jason Bennett
83 PackCarmen Merkel
Susie Inkpen
Gage Bergez
9Gage, Ben, RileyBen
Riley Harris
Chris Spotzl
10Chris, Geordie, SarahGeordie Goodman
Harry Saini
11SUP DadsRon Garza
Adam Schell
12Mel, Shauna, CatherineShauna
Chris Grieve
12Team 206+Alex Vaughan
(tied)Sydney Delacruz
Sage Heyer
14Ocean Racing Academy Jr.Emma Wong
Sam Fitz-James
Ocean Bell Parsons
?Team ParsonsGary Parsons
Shannon Bell

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