Cold Weather Stand Up Paddleboarding

We’re well into the fall season here in Canada now and for most of us, that means short days, long nights, and wild, wet weather all over.

While a lot of the waterways are going to start freezing up soon, those of us in South West BC can keep on paddling through the winter months. That said thoug, with the inclement weather comes a host of extra concerns and potential paddling risks.

The summer months are typically perfect for paddling. Tons of people at the beaches, warm water, and mellow weather patterns.

Winter months are pretty much the complete opposite… Spectators are few and far between, much colder water temperatures, and the weather can be extremely unpredictable.

That said though, wintertime paddling can be a ton of fun if you’re prepared. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, but here are a few suggestions:

  1. Don’t go it alone: Though it can be tough trying to find paddling partners willing to head out in the cold, play it safe and  things can get nasty in an instant out there… Play it safe and social: Find a friend!
  2. Wear a wetsuit: They can be cumbersome and can be a challenge trying not to overheat, in the event that you fall in the water, a wetsuit could very well save your life, especially if you’re paddling solo. Drysuits are a great option as well, but tend to be a bit pricey.
  3. Watch the weather: Though winter weather patterns can be more difficult to predict, pay close attention to the forecasts and weather warnings. Again, stuff tends to come up unexpectedly in the winter months.
  4. Keep it close to shore: If you do end up going for a swim, help’s a lot closer if necessary.

Have a good one, see ya out on the water, and please post up any other tips you might have in the comments!

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