2014 Tour de Indian Arm Results

Unfortunately had to miss this one (Mother’s Day ‘n all), but initial reports sound like it was another great time down in the Cove for the 2014 Tour de Indian Arm at Deep Cove Kayak in North Vancouver.

SUP Results curated from the official results posted at Webscorer.com, as of Monday May 12th.

And yes, I know the feature image is from last year’s Board the Fjord, photos from this event hopefully coming soon!

10.5km Short Course – SUP Men 14′

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
1524Matthew AbbottPitt, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′27M1:09:35.8
22Simon Whitfield SUP Men 14′M1:11:02.7+1:26.9
371Adam ColeTerang, Australia – Australia SUP Men 14′32M1:14:46.5+5:10.7
433Kelvin HumennyNorth Vancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′46M1:15:09.5+5:33.7
528Jason BennettNorth Vancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′28M1:15:22.9+5:47.1
63Yannick MichaudVictoria, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′39M1:15:26.6+5:50.8
716Dave HazenboomVictoria, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′46M1:15:42.6+6:06.8
89Dwayne Lotnick SUP Men 14′53M1:15:57.1+6:21.3
927Harry SainiVancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′40M1:21:21.8+11:46.0
104Tim QuarlesNorth Vancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′54M1:24:13.6+14:37.8
1120Dion Maxwell SUP Men 14′26M1:24:57.5+15:21.7
1219Peter AllenVancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′30M1:25:18.2+15:42.4
1321Scott BurtonSurrey, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′38M1:26:25.7+16:49.9
147Richard GadouryVictoria, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′39M1:26:26.1+16:50.3
156Todd HornVictoria, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′33M1:34:22.4+24:46.6
1639Jason LexaThe People’s Republic Of East Van – Mars SUP Men 14′39M1:34:49.9+25:14.1
17382Mike GeorgeSurrey, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′41M1:38:38.8+29:03.0
1832Jon LittleVancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′46M1:40:17.4+30:41.6
25Mike DarbyshireNorth Vancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men 14′27MDNF

10.5km Short Course – SUP Men Stock 12’6

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
114Dave BillennessVictoria – Canada SUP Men Stock 12’645M1:19:03.4
223Mark BowraPoole – UK SUP Men Stock 12’640M1:26:15.9+7:12.5
329Guillaume St. Louis SUP Men Stock 12’632M1:31:57.1+12:53.7
4578Barry ClemissWhistler, BC – Canada SUP Men Stock 12’655M1:34:11.3+15:07.9
511Neil GilsonCanmore, AB – Canada SUP Men Stock 12’654M1:34:40.2+15:36.8
612Chris ChasterKamloops, BC – Canada SUP Men Stock 12’646M1:36:24.7+17:21.3
715Evan GerbrechtNorth Vancouver, BC – Canada SUP Men Stock 12’614M1:39:08.5+20:05.1
830Jens Pederson SUP Men Stock 12’630M2:05:23.1+46:19.7

10.5km Short Course – SUP Women 14′

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
131Alison WoodWest Vancouver – Canada SUP Women 14′45F1:27:16.0
210Laura DemersAbbotsford, BC – Canada SUP Women 14′28F1:35:37.6+8:21.6
326Carmen MerkelNorth Vancouver – Canada SUP Women 14′30F1:46:21.8+19:05.8
424Suzanne TaylorVancouver, BC – Canada SUP Women 14′44F2:15:53.5+48:37.5

10.5km Short Course – SUP Women Stock 12’6

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
15Lysanne LavigneVictoria, BC – Canada SUP Women Stock 12’630F1:32:11.4
222Jennifer LawsonVancouver, BC – Canada SUP Women Stock 12’633F1:37:05.0+4:53.6
31Christina St-AmourKelowna, BC – Canada SUP Women Stock 12’635F1:42:08.3+9:56.9
413Cindy WrightVictoria, BC – Canada SUP Women Stock 12’646F1:54:04.6+21:53.2

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