Vancouver SUP Challenge Results and Images

Results for the 2013 Vancouver SUP Challenge at Jericho Beach!

5 km 14′ Competitive (BC SUP Cup)

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
134Stu Robinson14′ board – Male32M35:14.4
228Dan Gavere14′ board – MaleM36:13.5+0:59.1
327Lina Augaitis14′ board – Female32F36:21.9+1:07.5
45Yannick Michaud14′ board – Male38M37:15.2+2:00.8
51Ken Larsen14′ board – Male33M37:17.5+2:03.1
624James Thesiger14′ board – Male32M37:26.1+2:11.7
725Shannon Bell14′ board – Female39F37:26.8+2:12.4
831Ben Wright14′ board – Male33M37:46.8+2:32.4
912Dion Maxwell14′ board – Male26M38:15.7+3:01.3
103Dave Billenness14′ board – Male44M38:20.8+3:06.4
1111Kelvin Humenny14′ board – Male45M38:29.1+3:14.7
1230Tim Quarles14′ board – Male54M38:32.5+3:18.1
1326James Bennett14′ board – Male27M38:34.5+3:20.1
144Jeff Chandler14′ board – Male35M39:17.1+4:02.7
1546David Peabody14′ board – Male23M39:20.6+4:06.2
1636Dale Plant14′ board – Male49M39:48.6+4:34.2
1748Sacha Levandusky14′ board – Male33M40:20.3+5:05.9
1837Michael Hammer14′ board – Male51M40:51.9+5:37.5
1935Brian Smart14′ board – Male46M41:15.4+6:01.0
2022Paul McNamara14′ board – Male52M41:21.3+6:06.9
2145Paul Torriero14′ board – Male46M42:25.3+7:10.9
2238Warren Bruce14′ board – Male57M42:57.2+7:42.8
2318Todd Horn14′ board – Male32M43:10.5+7:56.1
2432Richard Cleland14′ board – Male40M43:21.7+8:07.3
2549Ian Green14′ board – MaleM43:30.3+8:15.9
2614Peter Alfred14′ board – Male45M43:31.9+8:17.5
2733Kevin O’Brien14′ board – Male46M44:09.4+8:55.0
289Harry Saini14′ board – Male39M44:16.7+9:02.3
2944Scott Burton14′ board – Male37M44:36.7+9:22.3
3015Chris Dobrovolny14′ board – Male46M44:58.7+9:44.3
3139Shane Martin14′ board – Male35M45:18.7+10:04.3
3242Taylor Fulde14′ board – Male42M45:45.7+10:31.3
338Leanne Stanley14′ board – Female32F47:40.7+12:26.3

3km 12’6 Competitive (BC SUP Cup)

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
134Stu Robinson12’6 board – Male32M26:15.7
227Lina Augaitis12’6 board – Female32F26:27.1+0:11.4
325Shannon Bell12’6 board – Female39M26:55.8+0:40.1
447Gary Parsons12’6 board – MaleM27:28.1+1:12.4
51Ken Larsen12’6 board – Male33M27:37.1+1:21.4
63Dave Billenness12’6 board – Male44M27:40.3+1:24.6
711Kelvin Humenny12’6 board – Male45M28:01.1+1:45.4
724James Thesiger12’6 board – Male33M28:01.1+1:45.4
95Yannick Michaud12’6 board – Male38M28:32.4+2:16.7
1050David Jianu12’6 board – Male42M28:35.2+2:19.5
1130Tim Quarles12’6 board – Male54M28:47.2+2:31.5
1246David Peabody12’6 board – Male23M29:09.1+2:53.4
1337Michael Hammer12’6 board – Male51M29:19.0+3:03.3
144Jeff Chandler12’6 board – Male35M29:29.0+3:13.3
1536Dale Plant12’6 board – Male49M29:42.2+3:26.5
1621Jason Lexa12’6 board – Male38M29:46.9+3:31.2
1717Lysanne Lavigne12’6 board – Female30F29:58.9+3:43.2
189Harry Saini12’6 board – Male39M30:10.2+3:54.5
1923Liam Cursley12’6 board – Male13M30:46.8+4:31.1
2031Ben Wright12’6 board – Male33M30:55.1+4:39.4
2120Jennifer Lawson12’6 board – Female32F31:04.9+4:49.2
2240Eli Fischbuch12’6 board – Male15M31:34.4+5:18.7
238Leanne Stanley12’6 board – Female32F31:36.8+5:21.1
2451Glenn Woodruff12’6 board – Male53M31:53.5+5:37.8
2549Ian Green12’6 board – MaleM32:10.9+5:55.2
2626Jason Bennett12’6 board – Male27M32:25.5+6:09.8
272Cindy Wright12’6 board – Female46F34:19.5+8:03.8
286Neal Gregory12’6 board – Male40M36:36.7+10:21.0
297Chantelle Kshyk12’6 board – Female28F37:13.6+10:57.9
3010Kathleen Saini12’6 board – Female37F41:07.8+14:52.1

2km Recreational

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
152Mitchell SantagaMaleM19:33.0
238Warren BruceMaleM19:43.3+0:10.3
315Chris DobrovolnyMale4620:24.2+0:51.2
451Glenn WoodruffMale53M20:37.1+1:04.1
539Shane MartinMale35M21:46.9+2:13.9
641Taine FischbuchMaleM22:29.9+2:56.9
716Georgina CaseyFemale16F23:27.9+3:54.9
843Mia Wheatley-MaltaisFemale1223:42.3+4:09.3
913Claire ClarksonFemale15F25:20.0+5:47.0
1019Juan SerranoMale37M25:58.8+6:25.8
1129Melanie AileyFemale3527:01.6+7:28.6

Kids Race

PlaceBib #Racer nameCategoryAgeGenderFinish timeDifference
143Mia Wheatley-MaltaisGirls12F7:34.1
254Kealin SacreGirls12F8:01.4+0:27.3
363Owen WrightBoys9M8:40.8+1:06.7
462Ocean Bell ParsonsBoys7M8:57.8+1:23.7
557Teagan SacreGirls9F9:04.0+1:29.9
653Isabelle HumennyGirls10F9:14.2+1:40.1
758Kyler GorzaBoys11M9:29.3+1:55.2
859Ethan FagrieBoys11M10:13.6+2:39.5
964Bowen O’BrienBoys10M10:23.3+2:49.2
1060Gavin FagrieBoys8M10:55.6+3:21.5
1156Reese KingtonGirls6F11:38.6+4:04.5
1261Skye HigginsGirls10F12:32.7+4:58.6
1355Holly McNamaraGirls8F13:17.5+5:43.4


12’6 and under – Sprint Race
Men – Heats
Heat 1Heat 2
1Dan Gavere28Stu Robinson34
2Ken Larsen1Gary Parsons47
3Dave Billenness3Tim Quarles30
4Yannick Michaud5David Peabody46
5Kelvin Humenny11Kevin O’Brien33
6Liam Cursley23Mitchell Santaga52
7Ben Wright31Jason Bennett26
8Chris Dobrovolny15Dale Plant36
9Eli Fischbuch40Michael Hammer37
10Glenn Woodruff51
11Harry Saini9
12’6 and under – Sprint Race
1Stu Robinson342:36
2Dan Gavere282:42
3Gary Parsons472:53
4Ken Larsen12:55
5Yannick Michaud53:05
6Tim Quarles303:06
7Dave Billenness33:10
8David Peabody463:13
9Kelvin Humenny113:19
10Kevin O’Brien333:32
12’6 and under – Sprint Race
Women – FINAL
1Lina Augaitis672:44
2Shannon Bell252:56
3Lysanne Lavigne173:06
4Jennifer Lawson203:13
5Leanne Stanley83:28
6Cindy Wright23:38
7Chantelle Kshyk73:51
8Claire Clarkson134:20

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