Results & Photos: Tofino Surf Race

The first “Surf Race” type S.U.P event to be held in Canadian waters july 15th 2012

Here are the results of Tofino 2012, and afterwards, a photogallery by Adam DeWolfe from!

Men’s 12.6

  • 1st Stuart Robinson
  • 2nd Norm Hann
  • 3rd Mike Darbyshire

Men’s Surf

  • 1st Caleb Goodwin
  • 2nd Melvin Palmiano
  • 3rd Todd Horn

Men’s 14′

  • 1st Owen Brown
  • 2nd John Hunter

Women’s Surf

  • 1st Lysanne Larigne
  • 2nd Catherine Salinas
  • 3rd Marie Claire Gravel

Women’s 12′ 6

  • 1st Sheila Sovereign
  • 2nd Heidi Maddess
  • 3rd Jennifer Lawson –


  • 1st Dustin Raume
  • 2nd – Carsten Matto
  • 3rd Josh West


  • 1st Freddy Stanford
  • 2nd Barkley Ahier
  • 3rd Sage Heyer

and as promised, now some photos from the event!

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