Tour de Indian Arm Recap

Tour de Indian Arm Stand Up Paddleboard Race

Post Race Awards at Deep Cove Outdoors' Tour de Indian Arm

Deep Cove Outdoors held their annual Tour de Indian Arm small boat race on Sunday May 20th, 2012, and for the most part was a great success!

What has traditionally been a surfski and kayak race has grown to include SUP over the past few years, and though the surfskis were the largest group by a fair margin, SUPers had a noticeable presence, to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if we overtake the boaters’ numbers some time in the next couple of years.

Vancouver had an awesome 10+ day stretch of great weather leading up to the event, but Mother Nature decided to change things up and deliver some rain along with some light winds for racetime. Nothing too difficult to overcome during the race, but the weather did put a bit of a damper on post-race activities.

The Race Course

Stand up paddlers all raced the shorter 10.88km course. Here’s my GPS track from race day.

Deep Cove Tour de Indian Arm SUP Race

Paddling straight out of the Cove, hanging a right at the 5kt. buoy down to Grey Rocks, then a sprint down the arm down to Cates Park. From there we hung a left, paddled straight across the inlet into a mild headwind to Belcarra, then diagonally across back to Grey Rocks, back to the 5kt. buoy and then back into Deep Cove.

As for my race, I was feeling the “effects” of a particularly fun Saturday night and as such had a fairly mellow start, ending up close to the back of the pack by the time we reached the Cate’s Park buoy, top right corner of the course in the map above.

As my head started to clear I slowly gained four or five places by the finish. I also noticed 3/4 the way through that my PFD was dragging off the back of my board for who knows how long, but whatever… I’m not the most competitive of paddlers and was certainly in no position to win!

All in all was great to see all the local racers out on the water, along with a few from a bit further abroad such as Paddle for the Planet‘s Bob Purdy who made the trip down from the Okanagan, Yannick Michaud from Victoria, race winner Norm Hann from Mountain Surf Adventures in Squamish and perennial front runner Beau Whitehead who made the drive up from Bellingham.

The overall vibe was super positive and friendly, as whats come to be expected whenever a group of stand up paddlers get together!

Deep Cove Outdoors will also be hosting Board the Fjord, their SUP specific race, later on in the Summer… Check back here for details as they become available!

Huge thanks go out to Mike Darbyshire and Bob Putnam for their efforts in organizing and running an exceptional event and I’m most definitely looking forward to the next one! On that note, don’t forget Deep Cove Outdoors also hosts a weekly race every Spring and Summer Tuesday night in Deep Cove. A great way to learn, get fast and then get competitive!

Here are the filtered (i.e. kayak/surfskis removed) SUP results from the race:

PlaceBibNameCategoryTimekm / hour
4276Norm HannSUP M 14′1:09:199.5
5245Beau WhiteheadSUP M 14′1:10:249.4
825Mike DarbyshireSUP M 14′1:12:229.1
9243Yannick MichaudSUP M 14′1:12:229.1
10259Matthew AbbottSUP M 14′1:13:429
1433Kelvin HumennySUP M 14′1:14:548.8
15242Dave BillennessSUP M 14′1:15:168.8
18286Adam ColeSUP M12’6″1:17:348.5
2071Garry RathboneSUP M Unlimited1:19:068.3
224Tim QuarlesSUP M12’6″1:21:098.1
24256Kristian PearsonSUP M 14′1:22:568
25271Greig GjerdalenSUP M 14′1:23:297.9
2618Mike ClarkeSUP M12’6″1:23:517.9
28359Paul BrewerSUP M SURF <12′1:24:507.8
29263Barry O’DonohoeSUP M12’6″1:25:187.7
30288Sheila SovereignSUP W12’6″1:26:277.6
31369Guillaume St-LouisSUP M12’6″1:29:237.4
3245Garth DaySUP M12’6″1:29:547.3
33289Glenn WoodruffSUP M 14′1:30:227.3
34287Scott RobertsonSUP M 14′1:31:287.2
36175Mitchell SantagaSUP M 14′1:33:247.1
37240Cindy WrightSUP W 14′1:34:057
38260Heidi MaddessSUP W12’6″1:34:417
39291Taylor FuldeSUP M12’6″1:35:326.9
40274Brian RaymerSUP M12’6″1:36:126.9
41172Lyndsay KaySUP W12’6″1:37:066.8
42246Lee AtkinsonSUP M12’6″1:38:456.7
43258Bob PurdySUP M 14′1:41:006.5
44247Tyson MoffatSUP M SURF <12′1:41:156.5
45255Jon ParrisSUP M SURF <12′1:43:256.4
46262Giulia CapelliSUP W12’6″1:46:456.2

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