The all new Paddle Surf Canada

Howdy and welcome to the brand new!

We’ve been planning this redesign for quite some time, and its finally come to fruition!

First thing you may notice is the new logo. While I guess the old logo looked pretty good, I’ve always felt it was a bit too hard to read from a distance. Well, I went ahead and fixed that now, so even though the new logo uses the same colour palette, it’s much simpler and a lot easier to read.

The biggest change though has taken place on the code end of the site. Reason being is with the rapid growth in popularity of mobile and tablet devices, we decided to completely revamp the design into something called a “responsive design”.

What this means is the site’s layout and navigational elements will now dynamically resize according to the size of the monitor you’re viewing the site with. This way, whether you’re on your mobile phone, iPad, or viewing the site through your desktop browser, you’ll now see a site that’s been specifically formatted to maximize your viewing experience.

Hope you enjoy the new work, and be sure to post up in the comments if you’re having any problems with the new site!


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