Paddle for the Planet 2011 complete… Continues through 2012!

Congratulations to Bob Purdy of Paddle for the Planet for paddling EVERY SINGLE DAY IN 2012!!! Though the sun, snow, rain, and everything in between, Bob has paddled every day through it all in an effort to raise awareness for the care of Planet Earth, and the David Suzuki Foundation.

As impressive as his feat of paddling 365 days in a row may be, Bob has just announced that he’s continuing his initiative straight through 2012, with plans to making it 730 consecutive paddle days!

And on Saturday June 16th, 2012, Bob is also organizing “World Paddle for the Planet Day”, which will be comprised of a variety of events throughout the World. Keep tabs here and at… Details will be released as they become available!

Here’s the news release:

Life is a precious gift! All Life is interconnected! Is that connection lost, and have we affected the Planet’s ability to sustain Life? The evidence says we have, and indicates we need to “Change the Way We Live on the Planet”!

The challenges we face socially, economically and environmentally in today’s World  are staggering, and just like all life on the Planet, intricately connected! The decisions made, and actions taken in the past have affected all life on the Planet. Our future decisions and actions will have no less impact. The question we need to ask ourselves is “How can I change the Way I live on the Planet now for generations to come in the future”?

My journey down this road began several years ago when Sharon and I began contributing to the “David Suzuki Foundation”. Fast forward to 2007 when I discovered the sport of “Standup Paddle Surfing”! In spite of breaking my nose in the surf of Florida my first time out, I knew I had found something very special that would become a lifelong passion, something I wanted to share with everyone! Fast forward again to 2010 where I found myself wanting to do more for the Planet. Shortly after I started paddling I told Sharon, “I would paddle every day if I could” and so I decided to combine my passion for paddling with the discovery of things I could do to “Change the Way I was Living on the Planet”. A few phone calls to the “David Suzuki Foundation” later and,  voila, “Paddle for the Planet “was born on New Year’s Day, 2011!

I had three goals in 2011; 1) challenge myself personally by paddling all 365 days of 2011,  2) raise $100,000 in donations for the “David Suzuki Foundation” to support their amazing work, and 3) challenge and change the way I live on the Planet. My experience in 2011 made me realize that lasting change takes time and effort.  So, just like the challenges of the planet, my personal efforts will continue.  On New Year’s Day, 2012, I will dip my paddle into the water again to continue the consecutive daily paddle I started in 2011! Fundraising, and searching for more ways to “Change the Way I Live on the Planet” are priorities once again! Since there are few people who have created more change for the Planet than Dr. Suzuki, “Paddle for the Planet 2012” will once again donate every penny raised to the “David Suzuki Foundation” in support of their body of work!

In addition, I invite you to watch for a very special paddle in June, the 1st Annual “World Paddle for the Planet Day” which will take place on Saturday, June 16th. This event has been created to encourage Standup Paddle Surfers all over the World to paddle for the “Change” they want to see!” For my part, I will attempt to paddle all 80 miles of Okanagan Lake in one day! I will be paddling to change the devastating impact our consumptive ways have on the Planet! Join me, and paddle to “Change the Way We Live on the Planet”!

My name is Bob Purdy and I am a “Standup Paddle Surfing, Elder in Training, Outstanding Somewhere!” I paddle 365 days a year because the call to action is urgent! Our Planet is crying out for help! I encourage you to answer the call! Start today! Make a donation at or , support a project you are passionate about, start a project of your own, Or?……….

One person is the difference, stand up & be that person! If I can do it, you can do it!

Congratulations once again Bob… It’s been great following your journey thus far, and wish you the best of luck in continuing your efforts!

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