2012 Rogue SUP: Sneak Peek

How do you stand out in a crowded market?  Be original and stay one step ahead of the pack.  That’s how Rogue SUP continues to carve out a loyal following.  Their graphically drenched designs and quality construction coupled with their boundless energy continues to move the brand forward in an over- crowded market.

Rogue Vixen Stand Up PaddleboardTheir ‘All-Water’ boards, available in 10′, 11′ and 12′ lengths, feature a wide range of graphics including the popular Blackbeard, Hotrod and Triton offerings. For 2012, they are introducing three new artfully designed boards – Check out the ‘Revert’ (think 80’s), the ‘Vixen’ (for the ladies) and ‘Forest’ (*A Canadian exclusive design).  They are ideal all-rounder boards for flatwater cruising, river running and surfing.  Their shape has less rocker (curve or bend) in the nose which serves to help it glide well on the lakes and ocean – better than many of the surf-inspired designs on the market. The 11′ foot is the ideal board for lightweight paddlers under 165lbs while the 12′ design works for the guys and heavier riders.

Did you know that Rogue was the first company to offer specialty graphics and boards for females?  You betcha – they include the ‘Honu’,  ‘Tropical’ and now for next year, the ‘Vixen’ in the All-waters along with the ‘Diva’ (Drifter Touring 11’4 & 12’6) and pink Tesoro in 10’6 and 11′.

Speaking of their 10’6 Tesoro all-rounder board, it has been a popular starter board and great for rental fleets – They have added a new 11′ version dubbed the Tesoro ‘Grande’ to accomodate paddlers over 200lbs at a retail price of around $1,200 CDN.  And in early 2012 they will release their ‘Class 5’ Inflatable SUP – rumours say it will be much stiffer than your average inflatable.

In addition to boards for the everyday user, they have expanded their touring and race division as well.  The 11’4 Drifter was one of the top selling boards in 2011 and is now being offered in the 11’4 and new 12’6 lengths – great news for those who want the benefits of flatwater glide in a full size board for under $2,000.  Both the 12’6 Outlaw (available in two colours now) and Drifter (Forest or Diva Graphic) have seen improvements to give them more durability and speed.  They have also moved the fin box further back to allow for bettering tracking and glide.  Ideal for flatwater racing, touring and work best in calm to moderately choppy conditions.

Rogue Drifter Canada Stand Up Paddleboard

And while the brand continues to push the limits and explore new technologies, they keep it all in check with a laid-back attitude towards the sport and people.  We’ve seen them at the events and trade shows and they’re always laughing and smiling.  Good to see the ‘Ohana’ of SUP is alive and well.All in all, the new lineup looks great so expect big things from Rick Karr’s radical brand this year. The brand is distributed in Canada by Icon Sports Group.  “Canada is a unique market and we’re stoked to have ICON as our partner to help promote Rogue in the Great White North” says Rick Karr, Owner of Rogue.  “Having Norm Hann (Squamish, BC) as part of our team up there really helped our efforts” he adds.

For more information on the 2012 Rogue SUP line up, check out their catalog.

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