2011 Kalamalka Classic Results

The 2011 Kalamalka Classic was a massive success this past weekend (June 18-19) with great weather, plenty of exciting races and a huge increase in participaction over last year, attracting racers all the way from California!

Norm Hann from Mountain Surf Adventures in Squamish came away as the King of Kalamalka, being the top overall finisher on the mens side of things, and Lina Augaitis from Vancouver was crowned Queen of Kalamalka.

And at that, a huge congratulations goes out to Kevin and his team at Kalavida Surf Shop, the friendliest and most stoked specialty SUP shop in Canada!

The event was co-sponsored by Naish, Werner Paddles, Rogue SUP, Surftech, Dakine, Ocean Minded, Nature’s Fare Markets and Vernon Speedpro Signs and presented by Quiksilver Waterman’s Collection. www.kalamalkaclassic.com.

Here are the complete results from OKSUP.com:

Kalamalka Crossing

61 competitors10 miles

Competitive Men – < 12’6

1Beau WhiteheadBellingham,Wa1:49:05
2Gary ParsonsVancouver1:52:00
3Stuart RobinsonComox1:52:50
4Kelvin HummenyVancouver1:55:02
5Wade AndersonVernon1:56:13
6David JinueVancouver1:58:00
7Ken RymerKelowna1:59:51
8Barry O’DonohoeVictoria2:00:01
9Mike HainaultVernon2:03:15
10Kim DoleszarVernon2:05:30
11Eric RaumeVancouver2:06:51
12Nick SmithKamloops2:07:39
13Bob PurdyKelowna2:07:44
14Chris HromekKelowna2:08:00
15Dave MarshallLas Vegas2:08:00
16Ian NelsonPenticton2:10:50
17Luka BanecevicVancouver2:11:35
18Jeremy PoettckerGrande Prairie2:11:59
19Dario PhillipsN. Vancouver2:12:00
20Tao PhillipsVancouver2:14:40
21Tyler KlassenVancouver2:20:00

Competitive Men 14′

1David HazenboomVictoria1:43:26
2Norm HannSquamish1:44:36
3Scott LemonVernon1:45
4Kimo JandocLyndon, Wa1:46:07
5Mike DarbyshireVancouver1:47:10
6Scott SiemensVernon1:48:20
7Brad ClementsVernon1:48:20
8Dale PlantBellingham,Wa1:49
9Yannik MichaudVancouver1:51:07
10Warren CurrieEdmonton1:54:14
11Dion MaxwellMission1:56:44
12Michael ClarkeVancouver1:56:56
13Stefan IdzanKelowna1:59:55
14Andrew RobinsonComox2:00:11

Competitive Men UNL

1Andy Bridge1:52:19

Competitive Women – < 12’6

1Lina AugaitisVancouver1:50:08
2Jen DillingerBurnaby2:01:50
3Kristin ThomasCalifornia2:05:00
4Tina HoebenPenticton2:06:15
5Diana MauriksSquamish2:06:51
6Sheila SovereignVernon2:08:00
7Shawna BuchananComox2:18:10
8Diana NewsonCourtenay2:19:39
9Suzanne FosterClearwater2:42:21

Competitive Women – 14′

1Adrienne SolVancouver2:34:19

Recreational Men – > 12’6′

1Mike JodoinVernon2:04:38
2Sandy McGeeKelowna2:07:24
3Pierre GoyetteVernon2:13:22
4Ed FitchVancouver2:15:02
5David SwirpCalgary2:46:54

Recreational Men – 14′

1Greig GjerdlanN.Vancouver1:58:20
2Al SaundersVancouver2:03:02

Recreational Women – < 12’6

1Dawna JodoinVernon2:24:22
2Helene UrculuOliver2:27:44
3Maureen McEwenVernon2:30:48
4Kathryn GiorioVernon2:37:41
5Kim BuckhamCalgary2:38:39
6Tina BarretteVernon2:40:28
7Renee LandVernon2:44:41


Short Course

40 competitors

Competitive Men – < 12’6

1Norm HannSquamish
2Stuart RobinsonCourtenay
3Beau WhiteheadBellingham,Wa
4Mike DarbyshireVancouver
5Gary ParsonsVancouver
6Kelvin HummenyVancouver
7Andrew RobinsonComox
8Scott SiemensVernon
9Wade AndersonVernon
10Warren CurrieEdmonton
11Dale PlantBellingham,Wa
12Ken RymerKelowna
13Barry O’DonohoeVictoria
14Yannick MichaudVictoria
15Michael ClarkeVancouver
16Mike HainaultVernon
17Stefan IdzanKelowna
18Chris HromekKelowna
19Dario PhillipsN. Vancouver
20Luka BanicevicVancouver
21Craig LangfordPenticton
22Tao PhillipsVancouver
23Andrew KlineVancouver

Recreational Men – < 12’6

1Ed FitchVancouver
2Rob McLoedCalgary
3Reuben SmidColdstream
4Jonathan BowersKamloops
5Sean KibyukCalgary
6Neal GregoryAbbotsford
7Eli FischbauchAlberta
8David SwirpCalgary

Competitive Women – < 12’6

1Lina AugaitisVancouver
2Kristin ThomasCalifornia
3Tina HoebenPenticton
4Sheila SovereignVernon
5Diana MauriksSquamish
6Jen DillingerBurnaby
7Shawna BuchananComox
8Callie HillKamloops

Recreational Women – < 12’6

1Maureen McEwenVernon
2Helene UrculuOliver
3Jen ForbesChilliwack
4Stacey KempPenticton
5Heidi MacdonaldSquamish
6Karen McLoedCalgary
7Kim BuchhamComox
8Tarrah JandocLyndon, Wa

SUP Sprints – Elimination Style

Sprints – Competitive Men

30 competitors
1Norm HannSquamish
2Kevin O’BrienVernon
3Stuart RobinsonCourtenay
4Cory FergusonVernon
Semi #1
1Norm HannSquamish
2Stuart RobinsonCourtenay
3Mike DarbyshireVancouver
4Eric RaumeVancouver
Semi #2
1Cory FergusonVernon
2Kevin O’BrienVernon
3Beau WhiteheadBellingham, Wa
4Scott SiemensVernon

Sprints – Competitive Women

12 Competitors
1Lina AugaitisVancouver
2Jen DillingerVernon
3Sheila SovereignVernon
4Diana NewsonVernon

Sprints – Recreational Men

6 Competitors
1Reuben SmidColdstream
2Rob McLoedCalgary
3Jonathan BowersKamloops
4Ed FitchVancouver

Sprints – Recreational Women

8 Competitors
1Helene UrculuOliver
2Jen ForbesChilliwack
3Maureen McEwenVernon
4Megan KibyukVernon

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