May 24th Deep Cove Tuesday Night Races Recap

How about those Canucks. I called Bieksa, Micky is my witness. Then about 15 minutes later I changed my call to Salo…doh! But I must say that the play-offs are reeking havoc for the Tuesday Night Paddlesport Races. I can’t believe how upset people at The Raven got when I tried to put the paddle sport race video up on the TV. Geez! It can be said that all the people coming out are “participants” and not “spectators”. But I’ll happily sacrifice some TNR attendees for a Stanley Cup in Vancouver. The post race party was great fun with double overtime. Driving to the race the streets are eerily empty.

10 SUPers for a fairly long 8 km short course. and about 30 kayak-ish boats surf skis etc. This was one of the longer “long” courses at about 10 km. People are starting to load up the miles to build for Round Bowen Race 32 km June 26. We pushed the date back this year to allow for more training time, so hopefully there is more participation. This year there will be a sea kayak and outrigger canoe relay race. I believe one leg is about 14 km and the other about 18.

At The Raven, there was much discussion about drafting practices. It is said that you can save up to 5% effort by riding either the side wave or stern wave of a competitor’s kayak. Many people are worried that drafting will offend the draftee, but its part of the game. It just depends on how you do it. I admit that my tactics can be some what annoying as I tend to encroach into other’s space. Jim N. was riding my side wash last night and kept putting his bow into the area where my paddle was working. I am sure he has a few scratches to prove it. Daryl is always polite, figuring that he is just barely hanging on and doesn’t want to offend his host. However he never hesitates to offer tactical suggestions as to where he thinks you should be taking him. For stern wash riders, I heard the term ‘tail-tapper” in reference to somebody who is continually bumping the stern of your boat with their bow. Martin R was the culprit in this story, and I know I am guilty as charge.

Warren Bruce was the “strong man” man of the night. With a pack of cling-ons hanging around him. After drafting most of the first half, I got out in front and was feeling frisky. I took a couple of strong pulls, but managed to shake only “paddle tapper” Jim N. Then it was all Warren, pretty much from Twin Island back to Deep Cove. With Daryl R, Rob Hansen and myself riding on his back.

In the SUP division, Lina was The Strong Man, beating a growing field of 10 SUPers. No Tail tappers there. Many sporting the faster race boards. Except for Tim Quarles of course. C’mon Tim step up to the game!!

Check out Viv’s photos for this week’s Awesome photos. If you are interested in purchasing an image Viv charges $5/shot

Here are the SUP racer results:

Place Bib  Name                        Distance         Category         Time      Difference
  5   36   Lina Augaitis               short            SUP W12'6        42:17.5   +5:29.0
  6   25   Mike Darbyshire             short            SUP M12' 6       42:19.0   +5:30.5
  7   138  Shawn Campbell              short            SUP M14          43:02.5   +6:14.0
  10  18   Mike Clarke                 short            SUP M12' 6       46:16.1   +9:27.6
  11  78   Fred Feuermann              short            SUP M14          47:33.9   +10:45.4
  12  4    Tim Quarles                 short            SUP M SURF <12'  47:40.5   +10:52.0
  13  144  Mark Robson                 short            SUP M12' 6       48:08.4   +11:19.9
  14  95   Jenn Dillinger              short            SUP W12'6        48:10.0   +11:21.5
  16  62   Lee Horton                  short            SUP M12' 6       49:14.0   +12:25.5
  19  127  Jack Mackillop              short            SUP M12' 6       53:03.8   +16:15.3
  20  143  Dirk Warmush                short            SUP M SURF <12'  58:02.4   +21:13.9

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