Boardworks Surf Canada introduces the Kahuna Big Stick

Boardworks Surf Canada is now the exclusive wholesale Canadian distributor for Kahuna Creations, a producer of stand up land paddles and longboard skateboards.

Stand Up Land Paddles? Yeps… basically a long paddle designed to be used with a longboard skateboard to mimic the action of SUP… Looks like a great cross training device for sure!

Here’s a video:

The Adjustable Big Stick  features an adjustable, aluminum shaft – Adjusts from 4’6″ to 6′ and a new handle with soft over grip to eliminate the need for gloves while Land Paddling.

The Kahuna Blade features include a polycarbonate (bullet proof vest material) casing, vulcanized rubber road grip, and undulated shape with dampening holes provides proper leverage through the entire stroke path, and it’s also replaceable – Simply remove two nuts and bolts and pop on a new Kahuna Blade onto your Big Stick.

Check out Boardworks Surf Canada and Kahuna Creations‘ websites for more information.


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