Say goodbye to the snow guys… Spring is coming!

Looks like the next few days around Vancouver are going to be pretty wet, but hopefully the temps stay low so we can snag a few more pow days in before it really starts to warm up. And though we don’t really encounter much of a Winter here in Vancouver, I’m sure the rest of Canada is just on the verge of switching over into Spring mode as well… Get ready for the return of sun, surf and a ton of flatwater touring!

Visits to our site us up over 350% over the same time last year and has been building over top of that almost every day, so needless to say we’re super stoked to see what the Spring and Summer of 2011 bring!

Over the past few months we’ve fielded a ton of information requests and talked to a lot of people interested in getting into the sport or wanting to contribute and by all means, please feel free to keep in touch… We’d love to hear about what’s happening in SUP around your neck of the woods!

We’ve got a ton of exciting events, products, editorials and other exciting news to share with ya over the coming months, so be sure to check us out on Twitter or Facebook, or if you’re old skool, subscribe to our RSS feed or just bookmark us and check back often.

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