Bob Purdy’s 2011 Paddle for the Planet Adventures

First off, Happy New Year to everyone involved with the stand up paddleboard community here in Canada! 2010 was a huge year for the sport, and I expect that trend will continue straight through 2011 and beyond!

So on that note, just thought I’d tell you about Bob Purdy from Kelowna. He’s on a quest to raise funds for the David Suzuki Foundation by paddling every single day in 2011… Sun, rain, snow, sleet, ice… Whatever the conditions, Bob will be getting out on the water every day to express his support for the environment.

I’m sure Bob will have all sorts of stories and photos from his adventures, so be sure to check in with his Facebook and Twitter accounts to watch things unfold.

Here’s the press release..

My name is Bob Purdy; I am an “Elder in Training”. Someone once told me an “old person” goes on
about nothing, whereas an “Elder” imparts wisdom with a keen sense of awareness! I am a rookie
“Elder in Training”, just starting the observational phase of what promises to be a lengthy education.
For my first assignment, I have been charged with observing “Nature” and the “Way” we live here on
“Earth”. It would appear that as a species, we humans have taken advantage of “Nature’s” good nature
for too long. The evidence is in the land, the water and the air! My rapidly developing skills of
observation tell me that “Nature” is calling us to change our “Ways”!

I am also a “Standup Paddle Surfer”. A somewhat enthusiastic “Standup Paddle Surfer”, some say
obsessive! For me, “Standup Paddle Surfing” has progressed far beyond a sport into a way of life.
“Standup Paddle Surfing” has helped to deepen my connection with “Nature” and has motivated me to
answer “Nature’s Call”, perhaps do something “Outstanding”!

“Paddle for the Planet” is this “Standup Paddle Surfing, Elder in Training, Outstanding Somewhere”
person’s “Way” of answering “Nature’s Call”! I came up with the idea awhile back to paddle every day
for a year, perhaps as a fund raiser for the “David Suzuki Foundation”, an organization I have
contributed to for many years. I was not prepared for the reception to my idea. To my surprise, after
friends and family stopped laughing, they totally embraced the idea. So, I approached the “David
Suzuki Foundation” and they liked the idea as well. One thing led to another and it is now official, this
“Standup Paddle Surfing, Elder in Training, Outstanding Somewhere” person will indeed be
“Outstanding Somewhere” every day starting New Year’s Day 2011, to answer “Nature’s Call” for a
different “Way”!

“Paddle for the Planet” has been created to “Answer Nature’s Call”! You are invited along for the ride
in 2011 and can follow our progress via the links below! How can you help? You can make a donation,
every penny collected goes directly to the “David Suzuki Foundation” in support of the amazing work
they do for “Mother Earth”! You can try something new ecology wise, start a project of your own,

One person is the difference, stand up and be that person!
From “Paddle for the Planet”, Thank You for your interest and support!
Paddle starts New Year’s Day, January 1, 2011, 1 pm at Rotary Beach in Kelowna, B.C.

For more information check out… Good luck Bob and we’ll be sure to check in with your progress as the project continues throughout the year!


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