Surftech Stand Up Paddle Academy Set to Launch

Surftech aspires to “set the international standard for SUP instruction and fitness programs” explains recently appointed director Bodie Shandro.

The Surftech Stand Up Paddle Academy‘s “Learn to SUP” program is the most comprehensive introduction to SUP class available today. Each class covers a range of topics from water safety and proper paddling techniques to correct board selection.“The Surftech Learn to SUP class has been designed with everyone in mind, whether it is your first time on the water, or you are just seeking a fun new way explore and get in shape, we virtually guarantee your success”, explains Surftech General Manager John Griffith.

Surftech’s SUPcore, is the latest fitness craze that has everyone from movie stars, moms and fitness professionals “on board” experiencing the benefits of this dynamic program that incorporates resistance training on a stand up paddle board! Our “Master Trainers” Noelle Kozak, and Suzanne Yeo will continue to offer the Surftech Stand Up Paddle Academy’s SUPcore Fitness classes at the Newport Aquatic Center (NAC) and through a growing number of organizations nation-wide with a shared goal of promoting healthy and fit lifestyles.

The Surftech Stand Up Paddle Academy is working hard to establish itself as “the” resource for the delivery of comprehensive instruction, certification and continuing education. Complete certification programs packaged with the highest quality stand up paddleboards and equipment, instructional aids, and Surftech’s worldwide brand and marketing support will present qualified clients an unparalled opportunity to become part of an internationally recognized team.

The official international premiere of the Surftech Stand up Paddle Academy will take place in Puerto Rico, December 3rd-8th as a part of the “Paddle Royal“, the flagship event for SUP in the Caribbean.

For further information on class dates and times, or to become a part of our team, please visit

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