Great Christmas Gift Idea for your SUPer: Wall/Ceiling Racks

So with Christmas just around the corner, we thought it’d be cool to highlight a couple great gift ideas for that stand up paddleboarder on your list, or if you’re just looking for a lil something for yourself, well that’s fine too!

As a stand up paddleboarder, unless you’ve got an inflatable or bi/trisect board, you’ve no doubt become familiar with the size and awkwardness with storing these massive boards.

I myself have my quiver precariously stacked on top of what used to be a fairly nice sofa in my office, so my need for the CalFin USA SUP EZ Wall and Ceiling Racks came at just the right time.

Their construction is bomber, and the angles fit a wide variety of board shapes, they even accommodate my non-standard Starboard K15!

If you’re interested, or at least intrigued, off the top of my head I know that Island Longboards on Vancouver Island, and  North Shore Ski and Board and Deep Cove Kayak in North Vancouver both have the Calfin Racks available and in-stock right now, so go git um before the rest of the Holiday shoppers beat ya to it!

And if you’re a retailer interested in carrying these racks, feel free to get in touch with Colin at Classic Surf Imports.

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