Kelvin Humenny’s 2010 Battle of the Paddle Recap

Some words and photos from Kelvin Humenny, one of the top placing Canadian paddlers at this year’s Battle of the Paddle Doheny, California…

Bodie put together team Canada for the relay with Lina, Norm and myself.

It was a frantic competition, each team member does a lap out and back through surf and runs a loop on the beach before tagging the next paddler (on the same board), 2 laps each, it was a bit like a stock car race, banging into each other going out and surfing in.

We placed 20th out of 50 teams including elite racers.
Kevin and the boys from the Okanagan made it down too and added to the Canadian content.

Lina and Norm raced the elite race, I haven’t figured out their positions from the results yet.
(editor’s note, full results can now be found here)

Norm placed 7th in his class in the 10 mile distance race.

I however, was late for the start… (don’t ask). but had a good paddle anyway, and just a note, surfing an unlimited board for the first time in front of hundreds of people was humbling. Yes, I crashed, but so did Jericho Poppler…

I placed 2nd overall in the open race in the surf class, missing first by 5 seconds to Claudio Chain from Brazil.
But I did get to meet legendary Gerry Lopez as well as surf pioneer Mickey Munoz.

Surfed some very nice clean waves as well….

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