Bodie Shandro picks up two new product lines

Bodie Shandro has picked up two new product lines to complement Surftech and Kialoa.

Kaenon Polarized is pleased to announce the addition of a new sales rep agency in Canada, Maverick Mountainworks Inc.,
focusing on the premium outdoor specialty channel. Maverick Mountainworks is headed by 20-year industry veteran Bodie Shandro. Starting initially in the western provinces, the agency will be handling outdoor specialty accounts for Kaenon Polarized, adding to, and complimenting Kaenon’s existing direct-distribution model in Canada.

Bodie Shandro has a long history in the snow, surf and outdoor markets, including retail sales management, sitting as CEO of Rip Curl Canada, as well as introducing several brands to Canada over the years, including Rip Curl, Eider, and Oxbow. Recently Shandro embraced the Stand Up Paddle phenomenon and his agency now manages the Surftech, Kialoa, and Hinano brands throughout Canada.

“Kaenon Polarized is a fabulous addition to my agency’s roster of premium brands currently offered at the nation’s leading outdoor retailers. As a passionate surfer, skier, mountain biker, paddler, and allaround outdoor athlete, I will not commit to any brand without being 100% confident in it’s performance and quality. Kaenon has exceeded my expectations!”

Bodie Shandro will be covering sales in Alberta and BC, while Andrea Zappe will be responsible for Saskatchewan and Manitoba territories.

The Bullock agency will continue to represent Kaenon Polarized across Canada in optical and sun
specialty retail.

To contact Maverick Mountainworks, please reach out to Bodie at Please contact for more information regarding Kaenon Polarized sales in North America.

And here’s the press release from Stand Up Paddle Magazine:

With the stand-up paddle market flowing into new territories by the day, Canada is no exception and with its vast waterways; Standup Paddle Magazine enters across the border in sharing its Hawaiian roots. A market that has seen expediential growth over the past year, our goal is to show Canada our passage way and also learn what Canada has to offer the world through the world of Stand Up Paddle Magazine.

With thousands of lakes, rivers and waterways from coast to coast, expect huge expansion to the SUP world within this vast region as proven demand at the August 2010 Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah, had many of the buyers and retailers seeking SUP goods from across the border.

Enter Bodie Shandro. Shandro has been in the business of representing companies in the surf industry for over 20 years and with his unique style and savvy approach to business, capped with his easy going presence with people, he fits the mold of the magazine.

Says Publisher Reid Inouye about Shandro .

“We have a criteria for who we work with and that includes the following. Does that individual have; soul for the SUP lifestyle, water instincts that can be applied to business approach and will he or she take chances in achieving goals and mix it up correctly with the right attitude in the water and within the business realm of SUP?”

“When Bodie came to Hawaii, the first thing he wanted to do was learn. Learn the Hawaiian way. Etiquette in the water, see what culture in Hawaii was all about. He also did the 10 mile open run from Hawaii Kai to Waikiki and looked as though he could do another ten. That says a lot about him and he takes that same keen approach of understanding and prepping for the ocean to a business level that not many can do or  achieve.”

“We want to work with people that have an understanding for walking on water and be able to preach it on Sunday. Feeling it is believing it and Bodie understands it well.”

As what does Shandro have to say about Standup Paddle Magazine?

“When I restructured my agency to embrace and promote this amazing new sport, few really understood the depth of its soul. I had managed to pick up a copy of Standup Paddle Magazine and used it to expose the sport to friends and retailers. The captivating images and content left everyone awe inspired, with an insatiable desire to get on board.  To this day, Stand Up Paddle Magazine serves as my most valuable tool in spreading the worldwide stoke for SUP. Since then I have met both Reid and Fox Lach (managing editor) at every major SUP event in North America, from BOP, California and Hawaii, to the OR in Utah, and they just returned from Tahoe! They don’t just write about the sport of SUP, they LIVE IT, and support it every day of their lives. I am honored to become a part of the Standup Paddle Magazine Ohana!”

And finally what does Standup Paddle Magazine publisher Reid Inouye expect from Shandro in the upcoming year of growth. “That’s an easy one, go out and preach it up north and next July he has to solo Molokai2Oahu.”

Congratulations Bodie!

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