Stand Up Paddleboard Retailers in Vancouver – 2010 Edition

NOTE: for an up to date retailer listings, check out the SUP Directory’s Retailer listings.

Well, Summer is finally in full swing so we thought since last year’s Vancouver SUP retailer list has become so popular, it’d be a good idea to give you an update on where to purchase Stand Up Paddleboards in the Vancouver area.

The market has grown substantially over the past year, and board availability has similarly grown to the point where almost every surf and boardsport oriented shop has at least a few SUP boards and paddles available in stock.

I didn’t get into too many details with each retailer, but most do offer rentals and demos of the boards they have in stock.

So with that, here’s the updated list from last year:

  • Island Longboards: Again, Island Longboards is not located in the Lower Mainland, but most of us get up to Tofino at least once a Summer and if you’re driving by you might as well stop by to see one of the best selections of Stand Up Paddleboards in Canada. Scott carries more surf oriented boards including Hobie, hand shaped Waldens, Naish, Infinity, Jimmy Styks and more, as well as Kialoa and Werner paddles.
  • North Shore Ski & Board: Vince, Brett and the crew and North Shore have been getting much more involved with SUP this year, selling as many Jimmy Styks boards as they can get their hands on. They also stock a selection of Starboard all round boards like the Big Easy and Blend, and can order anything from the Starboard line up as well if you’re looking for something special.
  • Deep Cove Kayak: One of the first retailers in the Vancouver area to stock Stand Up Paddleboards, Deep Cove Kayak carries an assortment of Starboard flatwater oriented boards as well as Werner paddles.
  • Pacific Boarder: With 20 or so boards in stock, Pacific Boarder has taken to SUP in a big way this year. They carry almost the entire line of C4 Waterman (including the Holoholo, ATV Series, iSUP), plus a selection of Surftech, GSI and Naish, along with paddles by C4, GSI, Kialoa and Naish.
  • Second Wave: Second Wave has an interesting selection of boards by Southpoint Schaper/Bonga line, as well as a few boards by a company I wasn’t familiar with until now, Cascadia.
  • EcoMarine: Surftech is the name of the game here, where they carry the Laird line, the popular Bark 14′ Expedition as well as a few Softops. Paddle selection includes Werner and Braca, an established name in performance kayak and canoe paddles who is just getting started with a new SUP range of paddles.
  • Airtime Board Sports: Over in Kitsilano, Airtime carries Starboard and Naish boards, plus paddles by Sawyer, Naish and Starboard.
  • Kalavida Surf Shop: I admit this shop isn’t located in the Vancouver area, but Island Longboards, Kalavida up in Vernon, is deep into SUP. They carry boards by Surftech, C4 Waterman and Rogue, as well as Werner and Kialoa paddlers, along with all the SUP specific gear and accessories you may need.

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