Ron House 12’6 Race Boards arrive at Kalavida

Kalavida Surf Shop has just received their first shipment of Ron House Race SUP Boards, and they’re looking sweet. Boards have a fairly standard looking race board outline and a canoe style front end for cutting through chop and increasing glide.

Looks like the perfect board for cruising around Kalamalka Lake and flatwater racing. Here’s the description from the official website…

The Ron House 12’6″ race board is a beautifully crafted board with a racing canoe hull entry to slice through the water. Midway it blends into a flat bottom finishing with hard rails towards the diamond shaped tail.

Deck is scooped out lowering the paddler’s center of gravity. A single custom Aero foil wing fin developed by Ron along with exceptionally clean lines make the board point and track remarkably straight.

Developed for racing, touring, adventuring in smooth to moderate conditions.

Perfect for lakes and rivers as well with minimal rocker.

Check ’em out at Kalavida Surf Shop in Vernon, BC.

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