New Race Format for Tuesday July 13th Deep Cove SUP Race

Deep Cove Kayak‘s Tuesday Night Race series has been going pretty well these past few weeks.

Though last week’s attendance was surprisingly low, the June 30th event saw almost thirty stand up paddleboard racers on the water, and judging from the buzz I’ve been hearing from other SUP’ers around the North Shore, we should see some stronger numbers as the Summer progresses.

With that, this Tuesday July 13th race will be something brand new… The Great Kayak Swap, or in our case, the Great SUP Swap.

How it works is a team of two start off in Deep Cove together. One paddles to Jug Island, the other paddles to Belcarra. The racers leave their boards then run about 2KM and swim 300M to their team member’s board.

Upon finishing their swim/run, they paddle back to Deep Cove on their team members’ boards and arrive back in the Cove together for time.

It’s a pretty cool concept, sort of a water based triathlon of sorts, and should be a great time for all in attendance.

Visit Deep Cove Kayak’s website for more information, then get out there this Tuesday July 13th and have fun!

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