Tuesday June 29th: Deep Cove SUP Race

Deep Cove Kayak is hosting an SUP race on Tuesday June 29th, which will run alongside their regular Tuesday Night Race Series.

Here’s the word from the source…

Deep Cove Outdoors is sponsoring an SUP Race at Deep Cove on Tuesday Night June 29th. I’m looking for some feedback on the race format. I would like to encourage participation from large number of people so I don’t want to make the course length too long. I am thinking 6 km. Which I imagine would take people about 45 – 70 minutes. ?? I imagine some of the faster guys cruise at 9 kph whereas some of the slower paddlers are about 5 kph.

We will route the course around some of the islands to make it interesting. Usually in the evening the winds are calm. The other option is to do a lap style race which is more interesting for spectators.

Starboard will be involved and like our regular Tuesday Night Kayak Race we will video the race and take it to The Raven Pub for an Apres Race Party.

As a surf ski paddler I’m going to start training SUP tomorrow so I can kick some SU Paddler Butt!!
Yeah that’s right, let the trash talking begin.
I hope to see you at the Race.

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