Starboard Demo at the June 29th Deep Cove SUP Race

Just got word that Starboard’s going to be on hand at the Deep Cove Kayak Stand Up Paddleboard race on Tuesday July 29th with a great selection of their boards available for a minimal rental fee.

Boards that will be in attendance include:

  • Starboard Drive: More tuned towards surf, but a good flatwater board as well
  • Starboard Blend: Great all-round board
  • Starboard Big Easy: Solid all-round board for the bigger paddlers
  • Starboard Hero: At 9’0 this boards probably not going to win any races, but at 33″ wide it has great stability
  • Starboard K15: My personal favorite flatwater specialist board. Takes a bit getting used to with its displacement hull (read tippy), but once you get the hang of it, it’s exceptionally fast and glides forever
  • Starboard Pin: Super fast 12’6 flatwater racer, specifically tuned to fit into the stock 12’6 class
  • Starboard Cruiser: Great all-round 12’6 board for flatwater, surfs fairly well
  • Starboard Whopper: The Hero’s bigger brother, another board that will be fun to play around with (especially in the surf) but not winning any races.

Get there early for the best selection!

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