New Products from Starboard

a couple new developments from Starboard…

11’2″ x 37 Fisherman

Yep that’s right, a stand up paddleboard specifically designed for “stand up fishing.” I guess you’d call it that at least… “stand up paddle fishing” is just too wordy. Anyways, this new SUFin board has a bunch of added tiedown slots, extra width for added stability while you’re pulling in the big ones, and a dark red deck pad that probably won’t get stained with fish blood… Nice touch.

Starboard SUP Bamboo Race Fin

And a new development in fins, Starboard has just released a new race fin made out of bamboo that will come standard on all of their race boards. They say we’ll get 5 more strokes per side with the new fin… I’ll get ahold of one and report back with my findings.

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