Keep an eye out for this stolen Bennett Paddleboard

Just received this email from James B in Victoria about his custom built paddleboard that was stolen recently.. Keep an eye out for it and if you see it around, be sure to let him know!

Bennett Paddleboard

From on top of my van – In front of 1533 Gladstone Ave

Sunday May 23 between 1am – 3am

Note: My board is this shape but different painted design.

This looks like a big surfboard, 10 ft long by 2.5 ft wide, by 4” thick

  • In big blue board bag with the word BENNETT on the side of the bag on white label.
  • Bottom of the board is colored white, the top is colored dark green, red, and black in a “torn-paper” design. Single red fin.
  • Board also has four black handles and two knee-pads on the top.
  • The board was specifically shaped – by weight, height, and design – for me.
  • I brought back this board in 1993 from Australia after living and lifeguarding there. It has a lot of personal value to me.This is not a surfboard, it can’t be ridden like a surfboard. It is a racing paddleboard for lifeguard competitions. Unless the rider is trained how to use it, you can’t do much with it.

If you have any information about it or want to return it please call James @ 250-217-0871

If you have it and want to return it, drop it off at 1533 Gladstone, no questions asked.

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