Stand Up Paddleboard Fitness Training = paddlesurfitness

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a sport whose roots run deep in ancient Hawaiian history. It is an amazing, fun new way to experience the abundance of BC’s lakes, rivers and coastlines! As a lifetime outdoor enthusiast, runner, paddler and surfer, I have never participated in a sport or activity that has offered such a rewarding all-around experience!

Stand Up Paddling is easy to learn, a non-intimidating activity that appeals to all ages and physical abilities. Participants are able to quickly progress and develop the skills necessary to improve fitness, or simply enjoy the experience of “walking on water”!

Stand Up Paddling is a multi dimensional sport that promotes balance, strength, and endurance and is one of the best workouts for developing core strength and overall fitness. The benefits of such have been realized by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, from alpine skiers, to triathletes!
paddlesurfitness concentrates on developing proper paddling technique to engage your entire body and to paddle with maximum power and efficiency. Dry land conditioning exercises are integrated into each session, providing a total body, high calorie burning fitness class. paddlesurfitness redefines total body fitness. Experience the future of “FUN” fitness training!

For information on introductory or fitness sessions please contact Bodie Shandro at 250 318-0722, or email

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