Gerry Lopez teams up with Surftech to bring you his SUP Quiver

Gerry Lopez teams up with Surftech to bring you his quiver of personally designed stand up paddleboards. No word yet on which Surftech’s Canadian retailers will be carrying the boards, but should be showing up soon!

“The new boards turned out way bet­ter than I expected. I thought I made all of them for big­ger guys than me but after rid­ing them, I found .….. I really like them. And I rode them in some very chal­leng­ing surf in Hawaii at Popular’s, Num­ber Three’s, Kaiser’s, Rockpile’s, Ala Moana Bowls, Old Man’s, Rice Bowls and Zero’s. This was a wide range of dif­fer­ent types of waves and I liked the han­dling in the big­ger waves, the speed, the light­ness, the dura­bil­ity and just gen­er­ally how well they all surfed. I par­tic­u­larly liked the 8’11″ quad and was sur­prised when some of my 200+ lbs. friends floated nicely on it and loved it as well. I think we have a nice trio of good surf­ing SUP boards for pretty much any range of con­di­tions.” — Gerry Lopez

lopez_7626_huber09Gerry’s deep rela­tion­ship with the water is exceed­ingly evi­dent in the smooth lines and sub­tle curves of each of his three new Surftech stand up pad­dle­boards. “The 9’6″ & 10′ Surf Music boards were designed specif­i­cally with wave rid­ing in mind. Many SUP shapes lean more toward the pad­dling side but I have taken the lib­erty of assum­ing the cus­tomer has already learned his paddling/balance skills and is look­ing to max­i­mize his surf­ing per­for­mance.” Said Gerry. “The 8’11″ Lil Dar­lin’ is basi­cally a scaled down ver­sion of the Surf Music series but with a quad fin set-up. I have found the quad fins to work very well in wave rid­ing… looser, faster and just as positive.”

The much-anticipated release of Gerry’s three-board SUP quiver has finally arrived! Stop in to your local surf shop or stand up pad­dle­board dealer to check them out for your­self. And don’t be sur­prised if after stroking into your first wave on a Lopez Tuflite board, you find your­self soul arch­ing off the bot­tom into a per­fect crys­tal cav­ern and glid­ing effort­lessly across the wave’s face and feel a lit­tle bit of Gerry with you as you glide over the shoul­der and pad­dle back out for another one…

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