Eagle Harbour to Lighthouse Park Flatwater Paddle Tour

Looking for something different, Corey and I decided to head further into West Vancouver on Wednesday August 12th, 2009 to check out the area around Eagle Harbour Yacht Club.

Upon arriving we found the entire area packed with teenagers all over the beach, movie crews setting up gear on the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club wharf, and paparazzi with big ass cameras milling about. Sort of a surreal scene, especially here in sleepy West Van.

We weren’t all curious to figure out what was going on, so started off east towards Lighthouse Park. Heading straight out of Eagle Harbour, we made a straight line for the rocky outcroppings just out from Klootchman Park. On the rocks we encountered the biggest group of harbour seals I’ve ever seen around here, must have been 20 or 30 of them. As we approached more than half of them jumped in the water and swam up for a closer look at what we were doing. Though we had no close encounters such as the one with a baby seal from a couple weeks ago, it was still pretty impressive to see how much wildlife still lingers around these heavily trafficked waterways.

From there, after some pretty major crossup swell from passing ferries and tugboats we reached our destination at Lighthouse Park, just beyond the popular rock climbing area of Juniper Point.

After a short pitstop, we made the return with a route closer to shore where we found much calmer water.

Good paddling location, we’ll definitely check it out again!

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