Stand Up Paddle in the Wild North

Found this interesting read over on about a tour around Vancouver Island on a stand up paddleboard…

Dave Collins is an accomplished paddler, in both whitewater and ocean setting. Here he shares with us a little bit about a Stand Up Paddling expedition he recently undertook :

I recently paddled my stand up board solo around Cape Scott, the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The 100 km. expedition took me four and a half days. The few people I met along the way seemed awed and perplexed: “What is the advantage of that?” asked a backpacker on the North Coast Trail. The question caused me to pause… “It´s challenging and fun… and the view is unbeatable.”

A cruise ship and a Stand Up PaddlerA cruise ship and a Stand Up Paddler

There are no obvious pragmatic advantages to SUP touring versus sea kayak touring. I went half the speed as I would have in a fast sea kayak. But, I had twice as much fun because: I saw more wildlife—whales, bears, otters, dolphins, sea lions—than I would have sitting in a kayak; my back didn´t hurt at the end of the trip; and I got to surf waves that wouldn´t have been surfable in a sea kayak. Ultimately, the challenge of paddling standing up with a loaded board proved the most rewarding aspect of the expedition. Self-contained, multi-day touring on a stand up board is yet another niche of this burgeoning phenomenon which is sure to take off soon. Here´s just a few of the most important things I discovered along the way which may be of help to others planning similar expeditions.

Curious onlookers checking Dave out

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