More coverage on Island Longboards’ Qualicum SUP Race

Found a couple more articles reporting on Island Longboards‘ First Annual SUP Race held this past June 26th at Four Poles on Qualicum Beach…

First a post on Werner Paddles’ blog

Here is a post from Dave Collins from his recent trip to Canada…I competed this last weekend in the first ever Qualicum Beach SUP Race sponsored by Island Longboards of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, B.C..  My Werner Nitro helped propel me to a second-place finish in the approximately one-mile race.  But I put my Nitro away when it came to the next and final event: paddle jousting, a medieval twist to this booming sport.  The object: knock your opponent off his or her board before he or she knocks you off of yours.

Two paddles with foam taped around the grip were provided.  This was a co-ed event and I was paired up to duel with a local “lady” on my second round.  I had all intentions of taking it easy on her, which was my first mistake.  She came at me from a kneeling position, whacked me across the head and sent me face first into the soup before I had time to be nice.  I walked away from the duel stunned and humiliated and would have been eliminated had she not later apologized for letting her competitive spirit get the best of her, and renounced her victory.

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and then from Parksville Qualicum Beach News…

The weather co-operated and 23 standup paddleboarders from as far away as Mexico took to the brine down at Four Pole Beach in Qualicum Beach Sunday.

A great social setting with friends, family and passers-by cheering the entrants on from shore, the first Qualicum Beach Paddleboard Race was clearly a hit.

The event got underway at 10 a.m. and wrapped up by 1:30-ish with the fun jousting event. At the end of the day, the entrants put their best foot forward and showed off their sport.

“That was great,” puffed a pleased Dave Collins from shore after sending Stu Robinson into the drink to win their men’s jousting final.

Robinson, from Comox, edged out Collins for first place in the Men’s race.

As for Collins, 37, an American who calls Mexico home, he was here on the rock with his fiancé from Victoria and jumped at the chance to come up for the day.

“I’ve been doing it over a year now,” said Collins, pointing out paddleboarding was a natural progression given his extensive background in surfing and white water rafting.

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