I found a new paddling partner

So I’m paddling past Caulfeild Rocks this afternoon, and a lady in the water started asking me questions about my board.

I stop to chat with her and a few minutes into the conversation I see this lil seal pup swimming a few feet away from her. I sit down on my board, pull out my camera, and before I get a chance to take a good photo, it’s already sitting up on the deck of my board.

I didn’t touch it as it was very young and I didn’t want to disturb, so just let it sit there for about ten minutes or so. We then moved towards shore to see if it wanted to rest somewhere other than the deck of my board, but it decided it’d had enough and took off, but still following me as I paddled back to the other side of the bay.

One of those awesome little events that only happen every once in a while. 🙂


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