New Canadian SUP Board Manufacturer

Imagine Surfboards from Montreal, have started producing a new standup paddleboard model called the Stand Up 12. Looks like it’ll be pretty good for flatwater touring and from what we’ve heard, pricing will less than $1,000 which should help to get a broader audience out onto the water

Our goal was to create a paddle-board that would allow those interested in Stand Up paddling to hang out with their kayaking friends, go to the same places, and do the same things, without having to take extra care or be concerned with rocks, loading and unloading, and all the other issues that need to be addressed with an Epoxy board.

The Stand Up 12 is designed to be very stable, and very easy to paddle as soon as you step onto it the first time. It tracks amazingly well, so even beginners without a “J Stroke” can cover long distances easily, while still maintaining top speeds that will have your kayaking buddies scrambling to keep up.

The board is outfitted much like a recreational kayak, with end grab handles so it can be carried by two people from the ends, a center handle to cary it solo, a wheel on the underside so it can be “dragged” alone to the water, a hatch which allows access to the inside for gear transport (so you can cary your own stuff), bow deck rigging for quick access to water bottle, a wind breaker etc.

A final touch, the board stacks onto itself so that you can cary several on your rack at once, and store them easily in your garage!

More information on their website here.

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