First Paddle of Deep Cove

Winds were coming in pretty heavy from the South on Sunday June 14th, so we decided to make the trek to the other end of the North Shore to check out Deep Cove. I grew up around there and spent a ton of time in the area, but this was the first time I’ve had a chance to explore via paddle board.

Waters were definitely calmer than what we found in West Van that day, though there was a lot of water ski boat swell bouncing us around a fair bit. Nothing too major but wasn’t expecting the amount of crossup swell, I guess due to the steep shore walls around the Inlet.

We put in right at Deep Cove Kayak, where they’ve got a pretty nice gig goin on down there… Saw at least 40-50 rental kayaks out on the water, and they’ve even got four Starboard SUP boards available for rent. Looks like they’ve also got a few Starboards for sale at their retail location up at the old Deep Cove Bike Shop location.

Been battling a bit of a sickness lately so wasn’t at the top of my game but still had a fun little paddle. It was cool to check out and explore new areas, and looks like there are a ton more areas to check out further up Indian Arm, as well as the Bedwell Bay area.

Will definitely be back soon!

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