Calgary Herald runs story on Stand Up Paddleboarding

The Calgary Herald ran a story about Stand Up Paddleboarding a few weeks ago, just found it now…

My job as a fitness guy entails assessing fitness trends, equipment and techniques. It means I go out, play and then figure out who would enjoy playing on that toy with me at any given point in time.

It is always fun, often challenging and–on days like last Sunday — a total score. I had a great session and woke up the next day thinking, “Cool, what did I do to make me so tight?”

What Is It?

It’s longboard standup paddling on the river and, to my surprise, an incredible full body workout. Everything from my shoulders through my lats and abs to my butt and legs worked together to keep me standing up and propelling myself downstream.

Yes, you can lollygag your way down the river at sightseeing speed and enjoy an afternoon or two in the sunshine, but if working is on your agenda, this is one way to literally push yourself to a new fitness level.

With practice, there is no open body of water that is not appropriate for standup paddling; from pool to lake to river to rapids, it’s an exciting use of all that your heart, muscles and mind are capable of.

Who Would This Appeal To?

Standup paddle boards are the answer to the question “how do I get balance training, core stability, muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning when I can’t stand to go indoors for the four or five months a year our climate is conducive to being outdoors?”

This is an activity made for those looking at their physical fitness as a lifestyle rather than a gym commitment. If working out with others is a motivator for you, Calgary’s Rednik Surf Shop has a standup paddle board club, adding social appeal to an already relatively complete outdoor training package.

Who Would Hate It?

If water is not your thing, standup paddle boarding may not be for you. Then again, you’re on the water, not in it, and you’re going to get a lot out of the experience.. . .

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