Saturday September 8, 2012: Kalavida SUP Olympics

Here’s your chance to come and celebrate another great season on the lake with Kalavida. It’s kinda like our wind-up event of the year with a twist. Introducing Kalavida’s SUP Olympics. Since we’ve all just witnessed Canada rock it in London, we’re serving up an event to quench your thirst for glory. New events are added daily and some won’t make the cut but here’s what’s shaping up – some are individual and some are team events >

  • 4 x 400 Relay (no stepping over the white line now…)
  • SUP Javelin
  • with a paddle
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Discus Throw (on a board)
  • Paddle Ping Pong
  • SUP Jousting (new SUP Olympic sport)
  • Freestyle SUP (judged event….. oh oh)

PLUS – The SUP City Challenge Cup: Kamloops vs. Vernon vs. Kelowna, etc…..

ENTRY FEE: $20 per person
INCLUDES: All events, ONE Prize ticket for free paddleboard, food, snacks, heckling
One lucky winner will go home with a brand new paddleboard – cool eh? Plus, we’ll have a bunch of other cool draw prizes too.
HOW TO WIN THE BOARD: You get a free entry ticket with registration. Then you also get another ticket everytime you win an event. Most events involve a degree of ‘luck’ as well as skill…

SO MANY MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW, in the meantime, get your TEAM OF 4 from your hometown/city together now!

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